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letra de them man - real deal warlords


[d-wine on the board]
verse1: lv, pjfromthe7

(yeah and your girl give me brain)

verse2: lv, pjfromthe7
it’s it’s it’s it’s 47 on thе beat

making a mill u can call me meek

ain’t excepting no happy belated
when i was low you know the ones that is stayed with
but right now man its looking too lovely
verse3: lv, pjfromthe7
slide on a opp when he lookin too rusty
if he king of the hood then am king of the country

but you n-ggas be is testing my patience

the way the wrist fl!ck must of thought that i was painting
they say they sh-t is hard but they just rapping bout the same thing
them man (them man) can’t be different
them man (them man) don’t have vision

verse4: lv, pjfromthe7
them man (them man) tweaking and them man (them man) sneaking
us man eating but them man (them man) sleeping
us man peaking but them man (them man) speaking

them man (them man) speaking and them man (them man) sleeping
us man jeeting them man (them man) virgin

verse 5: lv
got your girl in the back and she twerking
told you the truth and i know that you hurting
them man (them man) can’t be certain
how 47 this hard
verse 6: pjfromthe7, lv
them man (them man) can’t go far
them man (them man) don’t know 47 be stars
them man (them man) they ain’t apart
them man (them man) ain’t within

them man (them man) broke gave and am giving them the pin
them man (them man) shook when i hit it top bins!!!
and them man, them man, them man, them man

man them man… man them man b-tches
man you know it’s 47(47 shoutout joe, pj, lv you know what it is)
them man there them man there yeah

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