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letra de thriller music - reachingnova & teemonee


[verse 1: reachingnova]
ain’t no hero ain’t no saint, aye
i’m moving masters to the bank, aye
my hands together giving thanks, aye
you know i’m focused shootin straight, aye
it’s always love it’s never hate, aye
we lock it in and it’s a date, aye
whiskey straight more my taste, aye
its either excellent or great, aye
this journey feeling more like fate, aye
you know my drive i never brake, aye
give my word i never flake, aye
i never rush it nova pace, yeah
i’m bring the horses to the lake, aye
yeah there’s enough for us to drink, yeah
you know i’m loyal till the grave, aye
i’m not the same i know i changed
and brothers fight like it’s undertaker kane, yeah
what was a moment is a grudge inside the grave, yeah
course you always want the credit not the blame, yeah
i’ll leave my mark before i die i’m like a stain, yeah
crossing t’s, dot ya i’s, i say a prayer, aye
if it ain’t the vibe of love you gotta stay away
i know the face, but i also know what haters say
understand it lil youngin this is pay to play
i’m independent but i’m flexing in a major way
i ain’t selfish, i ain’t greedy, i ain’t sharing lanes
lost boy, all i’m missing is a pair of fangs
forget a circus, i’m a lion who was never tamed
hate it when i love the victim ima have to slay
you call my phone, fam i’m busy, you gon have to wait
no complaints, no revealing sacrifices made
it’s early morning, nova’s up, i never sit and wait
got it straight?

[chorus: teemonee]
legends, legends
legends, legends

[verse 2: teemonee]
fliers up, i gotta headline
i’m shannon sharp, that’s no problem
when they see me they don’t gotta ask
they already know, i got em
on deck like a pro skater
money first then the hoes later
set in stone, can’t reverse the role
i done seen a n-gga sell his soul
godd-mn it’s a d-mn shame
i don’t take shots but i can aim
mg still the campaign
name poppin with the champagne
a lot of moves i done made
on and off stage
man, i done lost count
a verse will tell you what i just did
might rock your world if i show you how
nowadays i need the fee first
plus the points on the back end
they talk the numbers
they don’t do the math
a lot of rappers just rappin
one foot in this rap sh-t
right hand i held the cannon with
my n-ggas on some eli manning sh-t
you better recognize who you standing with
other the hand still trappin
by any means, it gotta happen
so tip your hat to a real one
they say they real, i don’t feel none
same sh-t, everything new
the know it all’s ain’t got a clue
i do it if i feel like it
they just doing what they gotta do

[chorus: teemonee]
legends, legends
legends, legends