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letra de 1830 - rde luhh monsta



pop out the cut, like “what up boy?”
why you dissing on luhh monsta?
up this choppa, call it poppa, by my side, it fix the problem
he talking crazy on the way, soon as he roll up, ima pop em’
man, ain’t need for no full clip, that first one it’s gon drop em’
shout out rde diff, rde pimp, you know how it go
shout out daniel for the beat, he pop the f-ck off for the bro
aye, f-ck that boy chris, he speaking on the label, get em’ ghost
big rde, big 1830 sh-t, i’m talkin’ bout ceo

i’m in the whip bout 4 deep with 4 glocks, you know i’m tryna slide
i’m hoping i catch tre or i catch nate, cause it’s a homicide
done dropped the lo, he said he 15 out that p-ssy boy done lied
i pray to god please let me run into him, watch him recognize
hopped out that car i grabbed that sh-t “like yeh”
i was bout to bust that b-tch “whaddup?”
‘till my girl said chill and sh-t “aye chill”
talkin’ bout it ain’t worth that sh-t
i ain’t even playing no more, i’m just tryna buss a brain “uh huh”
the way i’m feeling in my mind is hectic, they say i’m insane

hop out that b-tch then go, “boom”
i’m not in the f-cking mood
who the f-ck you talking to?
tell that boy say, “f-cking move”
better come correct when you speak to luhh monsta, never lack
don’t give no f-ck you wanna talk that crazy sh-t, i’ll get you smacked
i’m the sniper on the roof with a handgun
got designer on my suit and my and 1’s
tryna relax and be cool tryna have fun
make me strap up with a tool make me go dumb
got this pocket rocket on me now you know i’m trynna pop it
watch is tickin tockin on me now and i can’t even watch it

diamonds shining in the night
i can’t check the time, it’s brighter than the lights
try to put it in that b-tch it hurts my eyes
please don’t try to touch it reaper take ya life
won’t say it twice
i ain’t with that being nice
tryna catch a body, i ain’t tryna fight
think he know that probably, why he still ain’t slide?
if marcus got it then you know he do it right

b-tch i’m tryna bust somebody’s brain, that stick it flip the car
lil brodie gotta switch, it cl!ck, it flip ya sh-t, it take your jaw
back in the school big homie smokey run your pockets in the hall
b-tch had me p-ssed off p-ssed up in that cup man i say, “f-ck the law” (f-ck 12)
b-tch play with me yeah try ya luck “your luck”
send some shots you better duck “uh huh”
keep that semi auto tucked
i’m on my sh-t, don’t give me no f-ck
i swear they got me goin’ wild
i been smoking gas, you can call it loud
i been sitting on mars
sipping and i’m counting stars
praying that i make it far
hop inside that press to start
make me vroom, yeah

rde luhh monsta in this hoe yeh lemme pop my sh-t
they don’t like they don’t like the way i steady talk my sh-t
b-tch i don’t give no fu-
(oh this sh-t over with? d-mn..)

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