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letra de hibernation - rbx


[intro: rbx & ras kass]
good morning youngin’
we out of hibernation
rbx, ras kass, jelly roll
yeah, see you fast

[verse 1: rbx]
bear arms like grizzly, nba mascot
tank tops, second amendment, gun shops
can’t stop, won’t stop
rest in my man cave
it’s a cold world, i’m in the cut, band-aid
barely a rose gone pop, drinking champagne
been a long time, i shouldn’t have left doing a d-mn thing
post-pandemic, same panda as designer
peter pan, grown man, still acting like a minor
i’m attracted to mini-mansions and actresses’ v-g-n-s
boo-cool women, gettin’ their ass like yoga pants
lululemon, ayo b00boo
while they sleeping on yogi
i’m about the bread and the cheese, that’s a hoagie
i’ll get in your baskеt, never askin’
put somethin’ on my f-ckin’ 40, lil’ n-gga
ucla colorеd chinchilla
salmon swimmin’ upstream
you meet the real k!llers
rest in peace, d
rest in peace, m
congrats to x-rated
he signed to strange music
but this to rbx, and gangstas that bang to it
east side rollin’ and actin’ insane to it
[chorus: rbx]
rockabye baby

[verse 2: ras kass]
all of a sudden, like, [?] is the movement
did the belly growl like, got to get food
the streets stay active without no doubt
hungry monster feat, eat them, and sh-t them mouth
then they say compton and long beach you in trouble
but long beach and carson probably ring awesome
acts like a ghost gun, burns when it’s sprays
so f-ck what they told you
you clowns gon’ learn today
brutal combination, narrator and rass kass
nature of a threat, all that razzmatazz
aim and shoot, that’s simply last pass
dream hot hoes and low-lows and all that jazz
devil use all the way up, maximize
little mama hit the floor and shake your wings and thighs
ain’t no question who run the town
when the desperado step in the club, move around

[outro: rbx & ras kass]
wake up the break up
kiss off or make up
earthquake to break up
lay down for shake up

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