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time waits for no one - raz fresco


aye, yo
i can’t love you like you love me ’cause my heart broken
can break everything down for you ‘cept my own emotions
look like you moving but you not moving, stop motion
time waits for no man, stop choking
every man that matter when yous try to get the job done
it’s twenty-four hours, how come i can’t have one
i’m busy out here moving soul [?] and one
and when i needed a hand my mans brought the handgun
i know you hate me but, let me see my d-mn son
when the pain come from your own mind you can’t run
i heard you trapped there, with black skin
bеfore i self-destruct, curtis jackson
rеverse the devil’s social [?]
dispose the madness, post the stolen fabrics
the system rigged these elevators, they say climb the ladders
before you find a good wife, you’ll prolly find atlantis
babies drinking liquid heroin inside their [?]
i’m like the phantom of the opera, they hid my talent
they wanna take all the energy from my matter
true and living god, i am not a rap dud
sue me god



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