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letra de fuck the internet - rawood


[intro: rmc mike]
b-tch, yeah
what up, hoodie
c’mon, what we’ll do? ha-ha
we got louie in this b-tch
my n-gga rawood
peggy out, swag, what?

[verse 1: rmc mike]
f-ck the internet
n-ggas out here really dyin’, and ain’t livin’ yet
bro said he got a play on the way, i’m finna intercept
b-tch, i just want my d-ck sucked, check the intellect
oh, y’all think mike broke? y’all incorrect
plug sent some weak bolls, so i sent them back
i knew doggy bone caught a body, i was in the back
[?] zip of soft, so [?]
b-tch, give me that
i just sent two sh-lls through his fitted cap
right there where hе stand, that’s where i endеd at
he telling on a [?] we not into that
that n-gga been a rat

[verse 2: louie ray]
i’m loose, hit her for seven minutes, nothin’ new
gettin’ in the engine could take ’til the sun blue
i feel like i hustled here before, trapped dajavu
n-gga can’t 50 cent me, i’m not a ja rule
i see you got your pistol on you, you gon’ harm who?
i bought a 30,000 [?]
i bought a 30,000 dollar chain, with the charm, too
it’s not a 36, but 36 on my arm, too
we can sell bolls for a rack, that’s what a farm do
i can get some sh-t flattened out, that’s what an arm do
you wear your feelings on your sleeve, that’s how alarmed you
i ain’t tryna deal with you right now, that’s why i curved you
[verse 3: rawood]
mike dropped somethin’ in his cup, it was purp
me, louie ray, and mike ridin’ with some sh-t that hurt you
i pull up anywhere, i’m the man that can serve you
please don’t hesitate to call my phone if it concerns
please don’t call my phone, b-tch, i thought i said i’m servin’
grippin’ on a grain in the benz, i was swervin’
i was starin’ at her titties, and they’re lookin’ kinda perky
on point with the sh-t, you can call me kyrie irving
free rio, b-tch, i’ve been servin’ for a minute, they know me legit
i mean i’m legit, i mean i’m the sh-t
me, mike and louie k!llin’ sh-t
put out golden pint without spillin’ it

[verse 4: rmc mike]
weed too strong, let me breathe for your safety
legit with my sh-t, spent some cheese on a weapon
before you crack the seal on that pint, let me bless it
it ain’t ’bout what you made, it’s what you saved is the question

[verse 5: louie ray]
for the first time in my life, i’m investin’
buy every pint i can and stretch it
find a local crackhead in the hood and let him test it
bring somebody back to shop with me, you gettin’ blessed
[verse6: rawood]
what you need? i got the finest selections
i’m dope runnin’, ho slappin’, pull up in a 4 metric
ridin’ through the city, gettin’ paper, know i gotta have it
look up at the ceiling of the whip, you know it’s panoramic

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