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letra de keep a friend - raven symone


[raven speaks]
he who asks for a friend must first prove himself friendly
trials will come.
will you be fair weathered or will you be steady

sure, firm, are you my friend?

[verse 1]
we were close
closer than most
more than friends nothing could come between us and then
arguments and experience
came creepin in how long has it been

didn’t want you to leave
we couldn’t agree
so i said to you stop talkin to me
that’s where we left and now i’m reconsidering
i did the wrong thing girl listen to me

tell me what’s up (what’s up)
i’ve had enough (enough)
how do we get back on telling you sorry
my mom said that’s how you keep a friend, keep a friend (keep a friend)
tell her you’re sorry when you’re wrong
that’s how you keep a friend
that’s the way you keep a friend (that’s how you keep a friend)
that’s the way you keep a friend (that’s how you keep a friend)

[verse 2]
i told you things i never told n-body
we shared everything
somebody told you i was in town
where was i, had you gotten a reply
i apologize wish you’d come around



can’t even remember why we feel apart
but i’m so glad we got back together
girl you’re like a sister to me
so much more than a friend
so make sure it don’t happen again


what i gotta do to put this thing back together [repeat]