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kumbaya - rav


it’s busted

get inside the room, right
say goodbye, singing k-mbaya
to both them and the good guy
[?] goodnight, b-tch please close the eyes

’bout time that you get here
i don’t get you at all, bruh
it feels best for you always
and yet you rarely come over?
man, your signals is mixed up
you’ll come out when you get stuff
you come out just to get stuff
how the f-ck you get this f-ck?
nothing really to discuss
your distrust leads to [?]
you’re disgusted by this so
why decide to dismiss us?

now, i don’t get it and you don’t get it
you decide on how to use your leverage
dude inside you wants you to perish
hurts to spite you and mute your message, man
i think that the time ’bout right
to swim towards the sh-r-
now, let’s not drown twice

sitting by the lake
trying to glue back all the things that have tendency to break
is it a mistake?
or perhaps i’m just mistaken, i should [?]
give in to a state
free from everything [?] capsules sending you to sp-ce
and listen when you wake
not to the inner bitter quitter critter spitting in your face