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triple trouble - raproze


uh-huh, yeah, let’s get it, dogs!

[verse 1]
wassup motherf-ckers, the names richdogg
i’m pullin’ b-tches, keep playing on your leap frog
i got a h-lla short fuse, you better hear what i say
hold your coins cuz i ain’t a man you can play
got time to burn, so list the ways
list the ways i don’t deserve the praise
i dropped rhymes from 18 to 19
my rhymes hit so hard, they cracked your screen
watch what you say, or you’re in trouble
cuz i’ll be glad to bury you in the rubble
it’s an aftermath of my fire raps
do i wanna knock your t–th out? mm, perhaps
i never choke, and that’s a fact
no need for a stimmy, i’m already stacked
all i wanna do is throw these lyrical jabs
while i f-ck your girl in a taxicab
i don’t like the way your speaking to me
better drop that mic and f-cking flee

[verse 2]
hit me up, hit my line
if you do you my slime
if you don’t, wait i already used this line
i may repeat, but i never stop the grind
call me god, you are saul, cuz i’ll make you blind
now you’re paul, preach the word of the lyrical messiah
spread the truth from california to carolina
first up heads up, in the club chilling with the girls like wassup
tryna make a milli like heads up
me and the homies with the bread like wassup
before dogg, they called me rich
ridin in the rarri
[verse 3]
whoa now, lemme stop you real quick
you keep recycling, is your skull thick?
you feed off the past, the same ol sh-t
lemme teach you sk!lls, shut up and sit
i got lessons to teach you, little boy
music isn’t no motherf-ckin toy
you’re just a schoolboy reading playboy
jacking off and drinking soy
all day, you’re playing a game you don’t destroy
they listen to you and wanna suicide
they would celebrate if your career died
but if mine did they would’ve cried
go ahead and give your freestyle another try

[verse 4]
um, alright, how did it go?
oh, yeah
you can call me a copypaster
but with my bars, call me a racer
i don’t hit my lyrics with an eraser
i don’t say random sh-t like, uh
back on the track, i got the gas
fillin up the tank, ready to whoop some ass
gonna make haters eat some grass
then smash their head in a pane of glass
gotta go, i have class
we can square up, just get me my hall pass
wait a minute, f-ck a pass, i’m a badass
can’t tell me what to do, tone down the sass
[verse 5]
how bout you two calm down
before i run both of you out of town
only one of us will earn the crown
square up, you f-cking clown
you era is done, sinking that into your ear
it’s reru time, ya hear?
you think you write better than shakespeare
but you’re really just bottom tier
you’re messing with a deadly force
i’m gonna run you off course
knock you off your horse
what i’m aboutta do, feel no remorse
i’m finna take off on my iron horse
there some policies i gotta enforce
you and good music gonna file for divorce

whoop! whoop!
turn up the heat, motherf-cker

[verse 6]
hey b-tches you forgot about lil brazil
you little f-cks really got no chill
roll up a dollar bill
give me a second to pop the pill
imma twist you like a drill
head hurts from all this cap, add some advil
your lyrics belong in a detroit landfill
with you around, everything goes downhill
haven’t had enough whiskey, give me a refill
i’m gonna be spinning like a windmill
you’re gonna crash harder than jacksonville
it’s time to team up and form a power
we’re gonna make lil reru cower
there’s no need to be so sour
we’re just saving your fans from a coward
they need to hear real music
the triple trouble is here to end the illusion
h-ll yeah!
[verse 7]
you’re making a mistake
i’ve changed my ways
all this anger must be a phase
this isn’t anything like the other days
what’s the deal, what’s the craze?
what do you achieve by k!lling me?
what the h-ll are you setting free?
you’re locked behind bars, don’t drop the soap
there is no hope
no light to grope
might as well get the rope
maybe that’s a bit to dark
the point is, couldn’t hit out of the ballpark
you won’t ever see the sun again
you’ll be drowning in a shower of rain​



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