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forces - raproze


[verse 1]
change is real
development surreal
we can be better, here’s the deal
i joined the triple trouble with bad intent
i realized i was broken, never got to vent
we did something that wasn’t right to any extent
locked you away to boost our own ego
hurt and betray wrapped you like a burrito
like a high school boy crying in his tuxedo
he got rejected right before prom
i know the guy, name is tom
he came back stronger and much more calm
learn from his story and never feel sorry
you were one man against a whole army
i’m joining you in the fight
we’ll ride through the night and blind them with the light

(wait, who’s doing the chorus?
man, screw a chorus, more important stuff before us)

[verse 2]
i was drowning in sadness and despair
i felt like the peasant of bel-air
i never thought anyone would care
until a friend pulled me out of the dark
it was a glorious journey to embark
on gameday i swung it out the park
a homerun to win the game of life
the tension thick enough to slice with a knife
filled with power to burn the strife
four is better than two in many ways
with this alliance we can begin to amaze
and set those monsters ablaze
we have some goblins to hunt
get in the front
we’ll drive to their hideout
then leave with a wipeout
(man, this song would be dope with a chorus, don’t you think?
shut up about a chorus already, it ain’t gonna happen
it’s taking all i have in me to not cuss you out. ok, back to the song. change up the beat a bit, eh?
that would be pretty dope.)

[verse 3]
redemption exists, i’m living proof
i respect the fact you’re so bulletproof
hit the ground, flew higher than ever before
in under 5 minutes you began to soar
there’s a lot to respect, little to criticize
as you continue to soar through the skies
foes in few and friends in many
made it through the lows of 2020
strong during day and stronger at night
i admire you’re commitment to the fight
you still stand high during the day
keeping the demons at bay

[verse 4]
it’s almost time to prove our worth
our dominance present since birth
we’re the walking gods on planet earth
at least in the rap game
your l’s aren’t my blame
all these other artists albums just the same
they’re f-cking lame
i ain’t tryna defame
but we need to reclaim
the golden era of this genre
tone down on the cocaine and marijuana
start writing about stuff besides b00bs and money
that sh-t older than bugs bunny
at this point it ain’t even that funny
(yo dude that was f-ckin fire but there’s just one little issue…
what’s wrong?
my dude we’re about to confront those psychos, the rap game ain’t f-ckin important right now, stop this beat right now
thank you. hey, listener. song’s over, go do something else or listen to this guys other songs, were a bit busy over here. bye.)

(you know, i really hate foreshadowing, but i just have a feeling that something, um, something’s about to happen, and it ain’t good. it’s gonna happen to me, lil brazil
can you hear me?

i know i told you to go away, but you’re probably still listening. you’re probably gonna listen to this whole thing, or you’re just gonna skip to the end and see where that fire part of the song is. but, i just wanted…
i finally have a chance to break free, break character, because on my part of the song, i had to do the music. i couldn’t say what i really wanted to say, but now i can
something bad is about to happen, when we try to take down lil steppa and richdogg. they are evil. they have a lot of power. you may think they’re just alter egos, but they’ve become their own character. they are dangerous. and i have a feeling, that i’m not going to be walking out of their lair in one piece. i’m sorry for making this song so long

you’re probably gonna get mad at reru because he’s trying to get extra time on the song or whatever, but he doesn’t even know i’m doing this. he doesn’t know that i took his song and added this message at the end. he’s just gonna think, “oh, yeah, maybe i recorded a bonus part to this song!” which is why it’s so lon- or, he probably won’t even care about how long it is! maybe he won’t care how long it is and he’s just gonna post it, not knowing i said all this!
i’m not trying to say he’s evil or anything, i’m not saying he’s on their side, it’s just, i’m not sure how much of this i should be saying. i’m not sure what the consequences will be of hiding this message in the song, but thank you for listening, thank you for listening. i do appreciate it a lot. i have to go now, goodbye.)

(ooh, i got you!
ah! f-cking sh-t!
aaaah! aaaaah!
where is reru?
aaaaah! i don’t know, i don’t know!
where is he?
aaaah! i ain’t gonna tell you nothing!

(wow, i cannot believe we just did that. ha ha haaa! i finally got to knock somebody out, alright! hold on, what the h-ll is this? uh, looks like these are some lyrics. ooh! they were making a song! ohh, it’s a song about us! it’s a song about us! now that is amazing. “i joined the triple trouble with bad intent, i realized i was broken, never got to vent. we did something that wasn’t right to any extent. locked you away to boost our own ego.”
ha! this motherf-cker thinks it’s about f-cking ego, huh? yeah, it’s better not to have that motherf-cker around. f-ck that, f-ck, f-ck, f-ck that guy! well now he’s dead… hopefully, heh. alright… song was probably terrible anyway. alright, we just gotta, um. make sure n0body thinks anything is suspicious, release the song, but cut the… cut the part with richdogg and i out, or lil steppa and i, we’re basically like the same person, ha! but, we’ll listen to that footage first. aaaaah.)​



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