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letra de back of my heart - randy montana


well, i saw you down on sixteenth
holding hands with some new friend
there was a time that would’ve killed me
a wrecking ball right through a building
as if my world was gonna end
but the world kept spinning
you’re long forgiven
and now you’re living in the back of my heart
your pretty face
the kisses i tasted, they’re all safe
in the back of my heart
no telephone calls, pictures on the wall
no regrets at all
in the back of my heart
like you were staring out a window
with a hunger in your eyes
what was calling you, i don’t know
but i could see you had to let go
and baby so did i, so did i
[repeat chorus]
well, i used to let you take up
every corner of my mind, yeah
[repeat chorus]
in the back of my heart
oh, in the back of my heart