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letra de new in town - rainn byrns


new in town
no familiar faces around
so could someone show me the ropes
pretty please?
ain’t got no clue
no familiar point of view
and my memories of the past are slowly fading away

rainn, you will see
you will come to know me
put your feet onto my sidewalk and i’ll show you the way
picture me in summer
or winter what a bummer
you’ll always come crawling back to me

new in town
it’s safe to say that i’m overwhelmed
run away back to the country
where the streets still know my name
you could say
fear not boy you’ll find a way
and i know that deep down
things may never be the samе

you sold me a dream
and boy i bought it
young and naive who would’vе thought i was the one to believe
and i’m going down
those pasts best left unfound
and i’m getting the feeling that i will be the one going downtown
i’m going down
i’m going down
i’m going down
i’m going down

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