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letra de welcome to the freaky parade - raibears


welcome to the freaky parade:

when i was a young boy
my daddy
took me into the city
to see the strippers dance (woah!)
he said
“son when you grow up, will you be the pounder of the sl-ts, the wh0res, and the hoes” (okay!)
“will you, defeat them, those cumsl-ts, and all the c-ck suckers”
“one day, i’ll leave you a condom, to lead you in your journey, to join the big orgy”

(verse 1)
sometimes i get the feeling
she’s creaming over me! (hot!)
and other times i feel like cumming inside!
and through it all the rise and fall, the cum drops on your face
and when you’re spent, i want you to feel it all (it all!)

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