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letra de deathbed - raexster


when i tried to say it this time
it was kinda over this time
she broke my heart in so many pieces
n0body can fix them, pain increases
i don’t want to go anything now
i just cry in a darkened room now
seems like i’m so much f-cked up
alone only with the moon now
my heart is badly damaged
nothing can heal it what will do a bandage
can’t talk to my brain anymore
seems like now i am mentally challenged
whenever i sit on bed
picture of you inside in my head
everybody can see i’m fine
only i know inside i am dead
whenever i see mysеlf in the mirror
my eyes arе red
i loved you but however
i’m on my death bed

i’m sorry, i’m on my deathbed…

i’m just tryna get over it
i guess i can’t get over it
because i loved her so much
i’m sorry

i’m on my deathbed…