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the fog - rachel sermanni


deep, deep down under mountains i have heard them call my name
will i play their little game and tell them
deep, deep down i’ve been waiting for the fighting to begin
hold my hands up
deep sleep now under skies of pressing dark upon my dress
watch it turn from white to red under the
bone clean moon i am clinging to this burning, shaking bed
must i hold my hands up
my bl–dy hands up
mercy, mercy i’ve been caught
lying with my darkest thought
they grabbed my wings and pinned me to the wall
oh light please try to hold your ground
lift me up before i drown
the din creeps ‘neath my skin and i can’t hear no goodness speak
from the neighbouring town there’s a boy that comes to sing upon our
i watch him from the window thinking
deep, deep down he’d be richer if he just became a thief
still he holds his hands out
i walk down to the river stand and shiver in the wind
throw stones and watch them sink into the
icy blue, let it rise about my ankles
i don’t want this darkness
but the sun just falls from it’s sky
mercy, mercy…