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sea oh see - rachel sermanni


i pulled the plug
i travelled down the drainpipe
you’ll find a note by the bath to say goodbye
and though they called my name
i flushed them from my senses
these tunnels were vast, i sped by the rats to the sea
oh, see; the stars alight for me
as the sky unfolds
i was not told of such beauty
such beauty
spy the red horizon, i was caged but now i run
i row toward a rising sun;
a soulboat on the waves
and i will hoist the skull and bones
tell ships in the night ‘don’t come near
i have a knife and i have no fear
if you carry word from the sh-r-
i don’t need them anymore
i’m a pirate now.’
and oh, how gold it fills my chest
it glows like the sun
it’s mine and mine alone
you cannot touch my new beauty. you cannot touch it
she fled, alone
lost her boat in a storm, the glowing sunk like a stone
and the stars no longer cared;
she didn’t look up anymore, she hadn’t stared up in
and at dawn i must think of her
throw the pearls back in the sea