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letra de never - r5



outside it’s pouring
rain as i watch you walk by outside my window and see your smile glow
i run downstairs fast as i can i walk outside and take your hand and we danced our shadows moving in the dark we go round in circles you look at me lights up my heart
i’m hoping this moment lasts forever you touch my face and tell me never
never will i let you go
baby know i love you so
i’ll be right here by your side
its gonna be a heck of a ride
you can count on me to be there for you no one can take your place
you’re my one and only sweet heart
and i will never tear us apart
never will i let you go
my hair is damp and it’s so cold you take your jacket off to warm me i feel a slight breeze
the pavement has a special shine and here i’m wishing we could stop time or maybe rewind
you walk in close to me
the rains fading away
you hold my hand in peace so glad you’re here to stay
you know, that i need you
i know, that you need me
there’s no place i’d rather be