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letra de 0 to 900 - quay sims


[verse 1: quay sims]
0 to 900 n-gga
that n-gga quay sims he a got d-mn savage
above average
really living that sh-t he rap man
unlike these other cats, man i swear they be capping
but all my sh-t bang like a chief keef adlib
they calling me the new k dot
the flow tighter than a buff n-gga in a small tank top
yea they say they gone shoot but in reality they not
my hitters don’t want that body they really want that face shot
they want that face shot!
where i’m from n-ggas quick to buss like losing virginity
at they enemy’s get yo top dropped that jf kennedy
oh you kidding me? you n-ggas ain’t kin to me
you been afraid, cuz all my n-ggas shady as if we talking renegades
w-ssup rock why ya boys so lemonade and with that being said yall got that young money lil wayne
it feels good when you know that you the plug
but you gotta sleep with the mac no computer love
i’m from ohio where bullets fly you better duck em cuz this ain’t no game b-tch
these bullets are nameless some of my n-ggas ain’t got no aim b-tch
so hide yo kids and hide yo wife from that stainless
you better think and use yo brain before yo -ss be brainless
i’m from where they flippin dough mane
k!llas filled with cocaine
and the block on fire like we smothered it with propane
feins got the needle to they skin like a tattoo
they go nuts for that heroine like they was eating cashews
and a rock on the corner like we was making statues
and i’m that n-gga like point at the black dude
quay sims the jiggolo you know i been pimpin hoes
looking over my compet-tion like i’m on my tippy toes
bullets pop out like jack in the box jack in ya pops jack in ya moms
police come and we put the crack in her socks
cuz them feins be asking for rocks
them hoes be asking for c-ck
them opps be asking for shots
my po asking for drops
cuz she know i’m still smoking like stop drop and roll
hot pizza rolls, campfires what i don’t know
i’m like one shot from heaven and one shot from h-ll
and i ain’t ever snitching so that’s 25 in jail
it’s either your real or you fake
and i’m half way stepping
and i keep this sh-t 89+11
i am not a thug so please don’t test me
cuz you can get your sh-t smacked word to wesley
some n-ggas hustle for they hoes
some n-ggas hustle for they clothes
some n-ggas hustle for they bros
but ima real hustler hustle all i know
cuz i remember i was broke once upon a time
so i started off flipping them nickles and them dimes
girls can’t stay on my case so i spit whats on my mind
so now i’ll murder any n-gga when it’s time to rhyme
and now the police acting like a a-hole now
and they getting real crooked like j cole smile
and i don’t know if i made it side of love or hate
but my n-ggas in the hood i know they can relate
cuz that sh-t was real and i’m spitting that real sh-t
i’m a bad boy word to diddy and will smith
you n-ggas better duck i’m shooting i will hit
and when i hit just know that you will flip
b-tch i’m the reincarnated pac i’m that hot
which one of you n-ggas was talking about taking them shots don’t get popped
and if i hop on a song with you n-gga you blessed
cuz i don’t do tracks with n-ggas who ain’t considered the best
and i put that on my life that you n-ggas ain’t seeing me even if you had 20/20 vision
while looking through a magnifying gl-ss while looking through a telescope
i’m wearing gl-sses since i was 3-d that was 3-d

[verse 2: quay sims]
i honestly don’t see how half of these n-ggas think they getting real close to me
cuz i’m bagging n-ggas up like my mama do with the grocery’s
yea these n-ggas hot but i’m talking bout being locally
someday yall will be on my level my n-gga hopefully
but till then i’m aiming at n-ggas necks like rosary’s
i don’t see how lyrically n-ggas just don’t notice me
but when they say the king of my city i bet they know it’s me
i bet they know it’s me i heard gino had that throne n-gga run that sh-t
n-ggas giving me demos like i want that sh-t
come to yo city best believe i’m gone run that sh-t
the crazy part is that i ain’t even from that b-tch but i run that sh-t
and all it took was hard work and dedication with a splash of motivation
remember days i was recording in my mama bas-m-nt
on a flip phone tryina do a remix to gucci mane wasted
now since i dropped a song a n-gga considered free mason
but f-ck that my n-gga say my sh-t is amazing
free tra!
free marv!
and free my n-gga f-cking jason!
i say free tra
free marv
and free my n-gga f-cking jason