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letra de so obvious - pusha t


[verse 1:]
in one short year, i’ve turned dreams to nightmares
let the gods of the game know i’m right here
to you new m-th-f-ckas, buzz lightyears
ahead of y’all, so be careful on that tightrope
i inspire all the rappers that you might quote
lookin’ down on you n-gg-s like white folk
you’re ent-tled to believe all your high hopes
when you can fool anybody with the right hoax
let you sing to ’em, emotionally cling to ’em
with no pillow, you just sellin’ a dream to ’em
weakest n-gg-s throwin’ shots, i just lean through ’em
i just laugh at ’em, f-ck is he doin’?

i just wanna flip it, i just wanna sell it [x3]
it’s so obvious; in my clothes you can smell it

[verse 2:]
take a glimpse of my life as i walk through it
powder everywhere, like i drug the chalk through it
catty-corner penthouse as i park-view it
hit the jackpot; bulls-eye, dart through it
music; i talk through it, it’s an art to it
let the critics praise, let the charts do it
as i burn through this money, no thought to it
i just shop through it; cook and chop to it
move heavy d; i shewop [?] to it
we got our own thing; drop the top to it
this is block music; wacka flock to it


[verse 3:]
i’m so raw, runnin’ from the law
a n-gg- got rich from what yous sort through a straw
here to raise the bar; chain, no flaws
say it’s whiplash when i let my neck thaw
in that two-door, no rims on the car
the hate is so thick, you can cut it with a saw
see what i saw, the best getting better
look, but can’t touch; i’m a m-th-f-ckin’ leper
q-dog steppa, stomp the yard better
k-i-l; i’m just waiting on a letter
oh, there it is; let the triple beam measure
re-up is the gang and we bettin’ whatever