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letra de my quartered stepmother - purulent


the hate to be betrayed
by the person who said that was my mother
generated the hate in me
holding in my own for 21 years
she is travelling with me
we’re going to a place
she’ll never forget it
i stop in the middle of the road

i get hit her out
i start to choke her
my sickness and desire to k!ll her
are getting stronger
she feels scared and she doеsn’t know what happens
her visage is panic
whеn i take a look at her emotional state
i want ot deface her
from her face
there is flesh falling to pieces
stick them to the stone

my hands, my clothes and my face
are splattered with her blood
her shouts are losing force
i am in shock
i undress her, stained with blood body
i start to slab and chop her
with greediness
flaying her body
over heels to neck

i root out her hair, her eyelash and her nails
i grind her arms and legs
thinking about all those years
living in this lie

i reduce from her pelvis to her stomach
i extirpate her internal organs
it’s too hard to root out her head

i put her remains inside the car
i am going due to the house i throw all the flesh out
i decided to carry with me her head
her sweated head is beside to
all the other victims who some day
made me hurt
it will be a special place
with the revenge against the family

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