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scam tag - punchmade dev


get a pack and send it straight over to mexico
i’m tryna pour another line, stop at the texico
i quit pressin’ pills a week ago, i’m sick i let ’em go
i lied, i’m still pressin’ fent’ pills and don’t n0body know
every single one of us untouched, who gon’ up the score?
who got a thousand pack of real perc’s? i really want to know
i dropped the addy to his phone again, he was a no-show
if you steal from me i gotta k!ll you, that’s a no-go
if i need a body i’ma pay for that
everybody wanted to be rich, i made a wave for that
i’m important, i’ma skip the line, i never wait at sak’s
drop 60,000 on cuban’s, next week i made it back
you only got beef with punchmade cause bro done took yo strap
he wear designer for a day then take a pic and then go take it back (ham)
you’re a top tier hambag
my b-tch know how to move, my draco tucked inside her handbag
i think the feds is on my bank account, they got a scam tag
$100,000 ain’t even close to what my hands had
he thought he got a hunnid p’s from me, it was a sandbag
thats the true definition of a hambag
b-tch you’ll never get that sh-t back
f-ckin’ ham



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