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letra de vertical cuts - ​psythoness


always wait to go but i never feel alright
can you bust up with your bros it was tight
i just wanna k!ll you but id never miss the light
put me into heaven where can i make it feel my light
in the presence of my god where everything is right
can i invent the formulations of the bright
wanna know if i decayed what wouldve been the end
i just wanna a credit card some haitians and a blend
is the talking hill the chance i could ascend
always heed the messages of my white friends
when will i die its all known now
i can’t consider it cause my friends went out of jail
they just wanna k!ll me and make everything right
they just wanna k!ll me let the darkness clear my mind
into its eyes ill never make it down
you just want to k!ll me at the end of the sound

i feel it i feel it i feel it in my bones
k!lled your own heart with the words they were stones
you dont wanna remember me by the end of the night
im just gonna k!ll myself im faithful go flight
im so sorry about all the words ive thrown
if theres any taking back, i know ill be alone
if we ever go to sleep then i hope we sleep close
with my brothers in the night then i will listen close

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