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letra de justice3 - ​psythoness


i just wanna make myself ultra feel ok
posted on the block where the flowers all decay
im always in your life can we even say its fate
you think i want the substances but thats just self hate
i really wanna tell you what im hearing all the time
the voices in my cranium and down to my spine
and if i had a message it would only be one
“love all these people” and im feeling like fun
i never meant to hurt you thats my own d-mn fault
i wish i never happenеd so the problems can’t exhault
whеn we turn up in our own made clothes
life will be better and i ultimately hope
you act up in a silly little way
i act up and im sleeping all day
smoke another blunt just to feel some deeper pain
the acid in my blood streams down from the rain

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