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letra de never stop me - pryde


yeee i win this
you rappers aint nothing serious
so i call you a scrimmage
and get this sh-tt over with
you can never stop me
i’m at the top of my game
and you motherf-ckers better kneel and
call me a king
i’m a star motherfcker i’m gunna go far
flying so high
you other rappers try
and get me down from the sky
b-tch i’m too fly
can’t touch this
i get you delirious
everytime i hit another track
so sit back and relax
b-tch i run this town
every night everyday
get my pay
you haters can never stop me
so b-tch get used to me
flyest mof-cker here that’s me
haters hate me because i started out locally
b-tch i’m local see
get used to me
my game is nasty
ill never let go
of what i have to show


i left for a while now i’m back
and i’m about to attack
on the central nervous system
with my rhymes
all the time
b-tch i’m in line for the next time
a rapper drops
from the top
and that’s my next spot
till my heart drops
ill never flop
the mic ill never drop
so give up
on your bullsh-t hate
you can never stop me its too late
i’ve already found my flame
for fame
rhats you
the supporters
the hate
was a mistake
because now i’m on top
you can never stop me
this is my victory
my destiny
mom didn’t raise a quitter
but she rasied a spitter
get out of my way
cuz i’m cominmg in fast
never be last
i know you see me
i know you wanna be me
buy you can never ever f-cking stop me!