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letra de be around – prof


oh, pookie baby loves you, yeah


if there ever is a problem with my baby
you know that i will be around
cause when i ever need some loving from my baby
you know she good to hold me down
say if i ever have to listen to my baby
you know i won’t make a sound
say when it comes to being there for my baby
i will always be around (oh)
i’ll be around for you baby (oh)

(prof: verse 1)

we have problems
but tell me who doesn’t
we work through them, yeah
that sh-t is nothing (nothing x4, no)
nothings sweeter than a smile on your face
a smile on your face (yeah)
no one can love me like you do
love me like you do babe

(ashley dubose: verse 2)

looking at you
what would i do
i just couldn’t picture life without you baby
i love the days when i get to break away and escape with you
into a sky full of roses
you’re so good to me, my baby
you need me i’ll come running
that’s without a doubt, yeah (yeah)
i’ll provide the blueprint
we gonna keep on building
baby we gonna be around, yeah
woo (prof: woo)
woo (prof: yeah)
(i’ll be around)
(prof: yeah)
(woo, i’ll be around)