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letra de 2 am/pm - prince of roads


2 am
late night drives
party weekend
drake type vibes
i’m always up i’m a night owl
ovo should sign me right now’
i’d take the red eye to the studio
and get right to work next album
i’m trying to figure out how i can
get a record deal and a tv show
my next move is on a need to know
real gs always move in silence
never let them see the sweat in my eyes
im working twice as hard than the rest of the guys
but i still turn up as much as the next kid
but my work ethic is uncontested
im trying to juggle virginia wesleyan
with paying bills and makin’ ‘studio sessions
am/pm my mind don’t clock
the grind don’t stop
trying to get it how i get it
i’m trying to see a billi’ while i’m living
trying to leave something for my children
i”ll sleep when i’m dead
a’int no rest for the wicked

im up late, you laid up
that’s how i stay paid
i get it how i get it
and that’s just ow i give it up

2pm and i’m hittin’ snooze
dreaming dreamville will sign me soon
the a&r gone find me soon
when my music pop it’s gotta save me
cause if not i’ll do like my pops
and join the navy
or some branch of the military
do whatever’s necessary
to get the gravy
i ain’t got no babies
but i’m already saving up
for the next generation
i a’int a gameboy don’t play me
i’m trying to play monopoly
with real estate property
ride through the hood and buy it
gentrify it with some
black owned businesses
make me and all my n-ggas rich
black excellence
let me spell it out for you
i’m the ceo
of my llc
n0body telling me what i can’t do