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letra de 0 to 100 - prince eazy


i ain’t never get my chain sn-tched
and if i did imma come and get my chain back
i send 100 scud n-ggas where you hang at
now you like the scare crow trynna get your brains back
im riding around with them shooters
my team balling no hoopers
money ain’t sh-t to a shotta
this 100 proof like vodka
got a mean deal on the yoppers
they 2 for 5 like a whopper
got gloves on like the boxers
so its’s no prints on my chopper
catch a opp lacking at the fefe
and make him spin like a cd
put his -ss on tv,if i grab pole like mimi
my blunt fatter than a kiwi, i got more gas than a bp
shoot his motorcycle with a d-e,watch his bike fly like e-t
im turned up like joe paul , in your crib with no drawls
im gone f-ck your girl until she ain’t got no walls
my clip stand like toe tall,my rocks look like snow b-lls
i ain’t worried bout no c0ke n-gga,i stay with kane like o-dog
why these rappers lying like they bout that ?
you should go and and push a rapper scalp back
you the hottest in chiraq ? , i doubt that
im the hottest n-gga out and i ain’t even out yet
i bought my first car at 14 on some boss sh-t
i was up in 8th grade on my ricky ross sh-t
alot of n-ggas mad at me ,f-ck em let em talk sh-t
cause i ain’t finna ride with n0body i ain’t walk with
my neck and wrist frost bit
a n-gga rob me he catching bullets on some moss sh-t
body parts everywhere , get your -ss chalked b-tch
have your look like a victim off of saw six
eazy don’t buy them,go and get the crack pot
straight gl-ss n-gga, what you know about them crack rocks ?
n-gga you ain’t bout that,you don’t let your mac pop
under pressure he’ll prolly fold like a laptop
f-ck all that eazy dissing mill sh-t
eazy on that trynna get a deal sh-t
but the past is the past and that’s real sh-t
bout to 0 to 100 imma k!ll this

(slowed down )

d-mn i wish i never picked it up
now i can’t put it down or give it up
at-least 5 days a week i be liquored up
you only got one life to live and imma live it up
i know that its a drug but it’s so legal
that i can’t keep it up like old people
i then i robbed,i then banged,i then sold diesel
but that’s what happen when you hanging around with broke people
you ain’t gotta get jumped if the man bless you
and where im from kids dying over hand gestures
the bills going up the jobs ain’t paying extra
so i smoke to get away like my ancestors
kids dropping out of school just to whack people
tried to take the link card knowing that’s needful
a child caught aids from stepping on a crack needle
they building jails and morgues just for us black people
alot of kids fall victim like hilary’s lover
then klan ain’t gotta do sh-t cause we k!lling each other
and f-cking thots and k!lling opps is what’s cool now
meanwhile the white man knocking schools down
im just trynna touch lives
they say pride would get you k!lled so f-ck pride
i lost my n-gga {????} to a bus ride
and t block ain’t been the same since tak died
smoking kush in a cherry audi
on my life this street sh-t ain’t for everybody
p-ssies want to act up,crime rate back up
you know the world ending,even shorties getting clapped up
it used to be the young n-ggas trying to be the old n-ggas
now it’s the old n-ggas trynna be the young n-ggas
only thing worst than a p-ssy is a dumb n-gga
momma up in church wearing shirts with his prom picture……