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letra de invisible chains - pretty maids


something about her
i can’t figure out
but there’s something that doesn’t seems right
something behind that peculiar smile
emotionally crippled inside

the invisible chains that eternally binds you
the strength of your pain will remain to remind you
once you get burned you get marked for the rest of your life

she’s living in shame
she’s distressed from the stains
suffer the scars of her youth
if only she could
renounce to her childhood
and run away from the truth

but n-body take a notice
and n-body ever did


hurt and absent
and a life in contempt
never no question was asked
now there ain’t no hide out
she can’t conceal herself
facing the ghost of the past

it’s a no one situation
and n-body wants to know


she believed in love
and now she lives in the non – existence
like a wounded bird
she’s trying to get of
to spread her wings and fly
fly away