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letra de credit card lover - pretty maids


check this out
cat eyes sending dirty looks
she can read your heart
like an open book
gets you excited
putting on a show
when temperatures rise
it’s a green light go

she walks the way she talks it
can’t you see
she’s shooting like a rocket
dangerously yeah

and she’ll rock your world around and round
turn you upside down
she’s a credit card lover
walking undercover
looking for another
piece of the action tonight
now she’s all right

down the sidewalk
the people stop and stare pay a fifty bucks
for a short-time affair
moonlight queen
that b-tch is bad to the bone
she won’t let no one
steal away her throne

she walks the way


she’ll start you up
she’ll make your motor run
so hot
she’ll turn you on
ain’t she amazing
now ain’t she sweet
she’ll make your heart beat faster
than the speed of light

now check her out
see her coming

she’s gonna rock your world