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letra de 007since07 - power_za


f-ck the opposition
i been on a mission
never james bonding,but i might just f-ck your sister(yea)
since back in 07,007..
license just to k!ll,i might send you straight to heaven
quinton tarantino,the way my life a movie
this the matrix,feel like neo..that’s why im dodging bullets

look at me now,i growed up
all the hoes dying,i glowed up
you really been grindin with no luck
saving your drive,tow truck
the game been dry before us
how yall grindin with no trust,look how i dribble em one touch
that means its one round then i skate out cause i never lose focus
my sh-t straight wavy,no frank ocean plenty b-tches on their knees and they ain’t prayin
jesus piece on me like i’m never sinnin,jesus piece only is what they never getting
only p-ss on 16s no robert kelly,you need to get your hoe a leash she somewhere in the city
(yeah yeah)n-ggas say we f-cked the same hoes before (yeah yeah)
i just laugh cause all my b-tches centre folds (yeah yeah)
type you see on insta then you make a folder (yeah yeah)
then late at night o phela o skomora (woooah)
i know the truth,all of you n-ggas is fake yeah..
smokin a loose please dont ask me to skyf yeah…
i got a uzi,all of your friends are dead yeah..
my life is a movie,you n-ggas stuck on a stage yea…


[verse 2]
never play fair ke kappa fela,back to back like kappa gear
i swear i feel like the president,but put in work like a mexican
all of my flows,alien
et when my ep drop n-ggas will start their periods,you not who we f-cking with period
you n-ggas phineas and ferb,you took a break you not coming back cause all of you n-ggas are dead
treat me like thanos when you take shots just make sure you aim for the head
my fingers snap you see the reaction,all of you n-ggas are dead
all of you n-ggas are dead!
thats when i take a vacation,tired of f-ckin your lady
house full of so much wine,i swear i should call the crib amy
i been the man but dont be surprised,thats just how my mama raised me
how he so fire?dont be surprised its really just work and patience
how he survive all the late nights
im really really pullin grave shifts,im really really going ape sh-t
i equalize like im denzel,ba ska ho juta ba sa painelwa
third quarter ba tlo painelwa..
dropping bombs like im osama and im ima do it the whole summer

mirror-mirror on the wall,who the tleanest of them all
motion nkulunkulu,godfather reeaaally got the tleanest velour
these n-ggas streaming their loyalty,no connection then they disappear
but im really quick at switching gears,they feel the pressure we not even peers..
i found you running but i overlap
running circles round your favourite act,rupaul how they get dragged
whoopi yall sister act
yall n-ggas nuns,ain’t getting none
o nahane kuku i’m talking bout nyuku and that’s just the problem
and i got a…hahaha

i let the money lead the conversation,channel madiba for the confirmation
let my wrist get the inauguration, that’s presidential if you caught laaate
man of the house i feel like snow-deep,why these n-ggas acting like they know me
relay team we run pitori…and we don’t care about your stories nah,,