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letra de umm – pouya


ima psycho, ima schizo, with a pistol and i p-ssed off so many people wanna get envoled they wanna use me, wanna abuse me, wanna get your bread up, wanna live this life, but it ain’t that great anyway, but ill guess youll never know, duck down in tha 4 4 just smoke in the o zone yo i been that motherf-cking
scizo when i was a ject now im lit now im rich, now i f-ck any b-tch over ig see me to deep wit b–bie yuh baby can’t fool me i see threw your eyes i know that your lying to me i know that you dont love me dont tell it to me i know youll find somebody better than me yuh

count no money runaway with the same gang, we still pipe up ain’t a d-mn thing change, we dont do the same thing you can barely maintain, give your heart to a b-tch watch the sh-t get strange, when her loss for the clouts she dont wanna go down, she just want a new bag i just wanna real mouth, f-ck 12 both shelves stalk up full of drugs, i just wanna get going rolls royce for the ghost, call me 6 feet 10 toes for the fam, hole going deep in do the most for gram, she just needs our lights stole up from our man, so i shut the b-tch down like the shelve on the hand, lets go lil b-tch plus dope for the g’s gotta work but the devil work twice for the fee and her nose so sore from the c-ke on the ski bl–dy work on her knees its apart of the scheme