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letra de 12,000 miles - pouya & boobie lootaveli


[intro: pouya]
y’all like it?
this says a lot about you
ah, you mothaf-cker
yuh, ayy, yuh, ayy

[verse 1: pouya]
watch what you say when you talk from afar
two k!llers in the dark parked in a black car
mask on, mask off, ho, it don’t make no difference
i creep up in slow-mo behind you with that four-four
let me know if you want your life, that guy just want your soul
i watch the money come (come) and i watch the money go (go)
but f-ck it, anyway, i can’t see myself growin’ old
with these demons in my ear tryna take me down that road, yuh

[chorus: pouya]
you don’t wanna know what’s growin’ in my mind
waters turnin’, bridges burnin’, feel like i’m in columbine
i hate everybody, don’t need you to be a friend of mine
and that ho was mesmerized, who i cannot memorize, yuh

[verse 2: b00bie lootaveli]
this b-tch wanna f-ck but i’m twelve thousand miles away
cops pulled me over, [?] tag at my license fate
bustin’ like a beam, we can move by the block a day
really made it happen, gave a f-ck what my mama say
b-tch, act your age, not your mothaf-ckin’ shoe size (huh?)
it’s [?] the way this sh-t by two times
swimmin’ in that water, then i drown like a scuba
i be speakin’ spanish with my plug, he from cuba
[?] people, feds tryna throw us in a rico
tie my b-tch up ’cause she like it, she a freak ho (she a freak)
i can’t trust a soul, keep a burner when i sleep, ho
if my shooter find you, they won’t find him, he illegal, yeah