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letra de feel (remix) – post malone


[verse: aaryan shah]
i’m all on my own, always live life on the road
she always be hittin’ my phone
it’s hard to get rid of her now
she knows that i’m never alone
i don’t buy her sh-t anymore
she always be stealin’ my clothes, yeah
askin’ me how does it feel
when you know you could buy out the store, yeah
i came a long way on my own, ayy
we doin’ this sh-t on our own, ayy
these hoes always h-t up my phone, yea
cause i’m always puttin’ them on and
i don’t give a f-ck what i’m told, ayy
i know i’m the next one to blow and
i hate when she calling’ me over
cause i end up falling’ for her

[hook: kehlani + (post malone)]
i cross my t’s and dot my i’s yeah i’m for real (yeah, i’m for real)
he hold me down (she hold me down)
that’s my sh-t (that’s my sh-t)
he buy whatever, he know the drill (know the drill)
don’t need no pill (don’t need no pill, no)
he whispered in my ear and told me feel, feel, feel, oh, oh, oh

[outro: post malone]
f-ck me ’til i can’t see straight
make me think that hoe was a mistake
i just need to feel you all the time
ride hoe, ride hoe, alright, alright, alright