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letra de 9/11 24/7 - post-america


don’t think about 9/11 24/7
i’m sure they all just went right to heaven
what’s the deal? why’d bush do that?
never even bagged the cat
nothing funny, we’re just meat
fuel the fire or hit the street
saving up the air that we breathe
waiting for our souls to leave
but when we step outside
there’s something bigger than we
something predating these lies
that’s where i wanna bе
history’s all alibis
everyone who says this dies
whеre’d we come from? why would you care?
there’s nothing wrong, look over there
you can’t fight, you can’t run
there’s no escape, we’re number one
learn to love to ignore their crimes
being dumb could save your life
nothing is wrong
believe this song
get medicating
and celebrating
9/11 24/7
9/11 24/7
9/11 24/7
9/11 24/7
i know i don’t need to say
over and over again
we do whatever they say
they’ll do it all again

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