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letra de the long silence - porcupine tree


“the long silence”

[lyrics: alan duffy / music: steven wilson]

a systematic killer
returning from madrid
murdered mozart in his garden
mussolini ran and hid
he was chosen by his elders
sitting on the shelf
they p-ssed his heart to satan
who showered them with wealth

a purple haze crawled on the lawn
where lonely angels played
and shakespeare wrote of vietnam
while a president decayed
hollow laughter from below
cracked the sky in two
as manson dance inside the flames
and the yellow changed to blue

swinging from a length of rope
ruth ellis blew a kiss
merlin spoke to norma jean
and granted her a wish
mark chapman stared at fantasy
bare wires burned his brain
as sergeant pepper led the band
playing through the rain

the third eye on the surface
opens up my mind
twin visions in production
this long silence you will find