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letra de just servin' justice - poor righteous teachers


was manifestation of education just servin’ justice
plus this
father of civilizations makin matter move – motion
just keeping [up?]
waters wet
so did you comprehend yet? (uh huh)
submit to the will of the basic foundation of the universe
thirst for the wise word
some bring cups
run come wise, fill em up!
ups – say what? run come god fill em up!
name – wise intelligent and the [ … ]
that of such to be wise my way of life of purified ways that i construct
what? this given title
but, guess what? (what?) don’t want to be idle (uh huh)
now peace to mc hammer and to those of you that diss you can’t touch this —
just servin’ justice!

[long man and lego man toast in the interlude]

for i cannot start this with
something that some [ ] that have said before
poor righteous teacher, culture freedom, what do they take me for?
[ ] true intelligence
poison animal eater in the realm of destruction
false presentations making matters an illusion
fools into spooks and ghost for a savior
save yourself before the ten percenter get ya
eighty-five percent poor righteous teacher uplift ya!
blacken to direction and i see a kind of mind too
teacher sparks the light and now the teacher comes to find you
steppin in your darkness, lost in a world of fantasized lies
all around by collusion
k!ll all the lies of a mysterious god for
truth tells the wise to put down the confusion
plus this –
just servin justice!

[long man and lego man toasting]

this, was manifestation of elevation
wise on the rise
eyes watch while i quote this
note this [boat ? ] culture be a captain
coach this ghostless
for this be that of real
secrecy masony mystery christianity why damage me?
[he wise the] self equality
they often follow me
and see how g be scienced up
knowledge me – and drink this juice from the cup
frequency, sound, and the sound like wind from the flute
and the flute come lead that of black
back to power
so for this hour i will reign
i am ruler
this knowledge builds and thy kingdom comes
drums often lead black youth to the truth
and the truth gets banned in the land of the liar
and the wise just ain’t with the falsehood
step by step i’ll step in the direction of perfection
‘cause perfection be the destiny of the teacher and they love this –
just servin’ justice!

[long man and lego man toast]

for i cannot stop this
i’ve got this habit of rising up to infinite
more positive energy giving me power to keep you listening
the ignorant ignore this
and civilized absorb this
some jump to serve this justice but they find they must reward this
swordless snakes often step when i step to conceive this
‘cause gods take heads
dead be the devils that revealed what we gave them for their
thirty five to fifty years
fears of a teacher such yourself send a shock throughout the planet
and it’s never understood why then you fear such a teacher
‘cause i apply that of truth for sake of youth
at any time i show and prove
matter moves
by means of the [hip notes?]
take notes, culture comes to free the most savage from an overdose of lies they apply
by the means of a nurse [call?]
hurt a mommies babby until mommy is in heaven
death by means of a cross to the head
now i have to pause for natural causes interrupt this –
just servin justice!

[long man and lego man toast]