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letra de heavy heart - polo g


uh, uh, uh, uh
gang, uh

heart heavy, and my head down when i was feelin’ doubt
lord, protect me, think i’m finna drown, i’m startin’ to feel it now
too many open sp-ces in my heart, i’m tryna fill ’em out
the trenches say, “come save ’em” like i’m clark, i think it’s been a drought
i got every car tinted, i don’t wanna be seen
me and my squad too authentic, we’ll murder your team
don’t care if fentanyl in it, he off perkies and lean
feel like these rappers all gimmicks, i got cursed with a dream
almost lost it all plenty times
talk to my prophet and she said my lifе was marked at twenty-five
from a placе where plenty die
and we let them semi’s ride, lot of n-ggas didn’t survive
lot of n-ggas quittin’ high, pop out for a quick surprise
‘member i was chained up, f-ck you if you changed up
the trenches i was raised up, that’s the sh-t that made us
lil’ bro come through like giannis when he slide, he let them thangs buck
baby, just stay honest with no lies, it’s how you gain trust
why they try to down me, like, “you should never dream”?
married to the trenches with no weddin’ ring
antisocial, missed calls ’cause i just let it ring
i had to spin the block, this time i come for everything
shoutout to that sed block, my shotters leave your head cropped
had to wrestle my position, got this rap sh-t in a headlock
they gon’ respect me, standin’ ten until i get my d-mn props
my life like a movie, type of sh-t that make the feds watch
motion picture, accomplishments, we toastin’ liquor
if she bad i’m ‘posed to hit her
watch ‘em, all these hoes will slither
adding sins, we load the bl!ck up
this sh-t for my ghosted members
gotta fill my plate, go eat or you gon’ be them vultures’ dinner
story how the underdog conform into a strong contender
it takes chips to know a winner, now tell me what’s on your agenda
i’m the hottest in this sh-t, even in the snowin’ winter
from them chiraq streets, land of the coldest k!llers
had a late blossom, now they can’t stop him
they barely show love to me, still fix they problems
got murderin’ thugs with me, walk up, face shot ’em
feel better with drugs in me to help face trauma
uh, uh-uh, uh

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