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letra de talk dirty to me - poison


“talk dirty to me”

you know i never
i never seen you look so good
you never act the way you should
but i like it
and i know you like it too
the way that i want you
i gotta have you
oh yes, i do

you know i never
i never ever stay out late
you know that i can hardly wait
just to see you
and i know you cannot wait
wait to see me too
i gotta touch you

cause baby we’ll be
at the drive-in
in the old man’s ford
behind the bushes
till i’m screaming for more
down the bas-m-nt
lock the cellar door
and baby
talk dirty to me

you know i call you
i call you on the telephone
i’m only hoping that you’re home
so i can hear you
when you say those words to me
and whisper so softly
i gotta hear you


c.c. pick up that guitar and talk to me

[chorus x2]