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letra de untitled (2017 babyvoice memo snippet) - playboi carti


lyrics from snippet

[verse ?]
… don’t give no f-cks
all of my n-ggas they sellin’ that dope (yeah)
sellin’ the dope, yeah (pew-pew-pew)
yeah, kick in your door (oh)
yeah, walk in with a pole (yeah, aye)
ride with them [?] (yeah, uh)
get on the floor (yeah, aye)

[chorus ?]
give me the dough (yeah), give me the dough (uh, yeah)
i’m in the hoe (uh), i’m in the hoe (uh, yeah)
i take your hoe (uh), i take your hoe (uh, what)
i f-ck your hoе (uh), i f-ck your hoe (uh, what)

[verse ?]
f-ck the silencеr
like h-ll no
ten toes down on a [?]
get that boy, let him know (huh, yeah what)
better let him know (check it out, check it out)
real n-gga yeah, got h-lla hoes
i might f-ck your b-tch, might just take her home
my diamonds dance, yeah
[?] …

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