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letra de second guessing - pjthedon


(ayo 60!)
its another one
shut up, shut up

they say that i’ve been getting cold ’cause i got h-lla paint
its weighin’ heavy on my soul, these n-ggas switchin’ lanes
but i can’t switch, no, i can fold, i charge it to the gang
and i’m not worried ’bout no ho’s ’cause they come with the fame
like never switch up on the bros, them other n-ggas lame (nah)
i’m steady stickin’ to the code embedded in my veins
why i keep going down this road it only ends the same
sometimes i get into my mode and only i’ll remain
like n-gga get up out them streets or you ‘gon have ‘non
remember starvin’ couldn’t eat ’cause we ain’t have funds
i put my heart up in these beats like this my last one
i promise mommy, you won’t have to lose your last son
six o’clock in the morning, you don’t respond, i just keep textin’
writin’ lyrics, recording, just hopin’ that you get my message
all this textin’ sh-t borin’, i know you miss me and you stressin’
all my calls you ignorin’, look i ain’t into second-guessing
i had a plan for all the guys like, “we ‘gon make it out”
heart done been frozen, went cold from sleepin’ on the couch
we ain’t had no choice just floor mats in my grandma house
hustlin’ every day for weed, straight to make my momma proud
sometimes i think, “what would it be like if i’m dead and gone ”
just memories rememberin’ when i was droppin’ songs
them n-ggas ‘gon remember me when i was all alone
feel like i waited centuries for you to call my phone
seein’ visions in my dreams, i might be next to blow
people movin’ work, behind the scenes, i might be next to go
feel like i’ve been ballin’ on the team, it’s time to [?]
my n-ggas only in it for the cream, i try my best to grow