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letra de 03-d.i. why are you gay? - pit boss


hey, look in the corner it’s that diy f-g
the one with the “f-ck racism” patch on his bag
full of g-y opinions, he says what he means
no, i don’t want one of your fifty-cent zines
your recipes are yummy and your rants on girls are scathing
spend less time running your mouth and spend more time on bathing
you go on and on about chain of strength and judge
that sucks as bad as your f-cking vegan f-dg-
i couldn’t care less about your distro you jock
the only 7 i care about is my c-ck
i’ve had it up to here with your propaganda
i’ll vivisect something right now, p-ss me a panda
go on and on about how bad sweatshops are
but how can that be when it keeps those kids out of my yard?
cruelty-free? yeah, i guess that’s nice
but i want steak with my beans and rice
stand on the side, b-tch when kids dance
with your potato sack patches and your cargo pants
rocking hairy arm pits, tipping back cans of soy
i can’t even tell if you’re a girl or a boy
your only source of protein comes from a jar of skippy
call yourself hardcore but you’re just a hippy
you smell like onions, rock deoderant doesn’t work
think you’ll save the world but you’re just a f-cking jerk