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letra de no more disrespect (live at donfest, 2021) - pintglass


come here!
i wanna hear it!
i’m down the booza, every night
the missus says don’t get in a fight
10 pints deep i’m looking for a scr-p
my p-ssed up eyes are staring at a prat
i’m closing in on this poncy c-nt
he’s wearing crocs down the f-cking pub
i’ll knock you out with malicious intent
then i’ll bash one out to the nudes your wife sent

i watch his skull hit the f-cking floor
now my misses won’t want me anymore
go to the cell for attempted m
sweaty bald c-nt, gonna take off your head
now your friend’s gonna f-cking get it too
drag his corpse to the portaloo
pint glass, putting guys down the f-cking drain
no more disrespect
jack daniels bottle to the hеad
you can’t chat b-ll-cks when you’re dead
no morе will you put your beers on my tab
the cobbett won’t miss you
f-cking prat

i’m going down your gaff and kicking down the door
now my wife’s left me, i’m gonna be pegging yours
where the f-ck you at?
now your wife can’t f-cking walk
always calls me up for more
this goes out to m.ih.s
f-ck m.i.h.s
kingpin of the pub
you had a job, you said you’d f-cking do it
we lost the contract cuz you f-cking blew it
i’ll take a brick, i’ll make you f-cking chew it
window broken because i put you f-cking through it
f-ck with a geeza of my vacation
get sent on a permanent f-cking vacation
your pathetic f-cking site is the last thing you’ll see
g t h f-cking c
the f-cking [?]

duck duck f-cking goose gonna leave you in a motherf-cking noose
it’s come to this you pr-ck, you should have learned we come in twos
geezas worldwide
f-cking gthc yeah!

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