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letra de state of emergency - pillar


we used to think that our ignorance is bliss
but we can’t keep on thinking
that this moment doesn’t exist
there’s people fighting and fighting and fighting
for all that they own

it seems we twisted reality again
looking for the opportunity for us to dig in
we’re getting deeper and deeper and deeper
into the unknown

(we’ve got to open up our eyes)

how long will we close our eyes to the youth?
how long until we recognize the truth?
how far will we let this go?

it’s a state of emergency
it’s time we see
there’s a need to take action
this is a state of emergency
we’re too blind to see
all of these simple distractions

all our attention is directed to the mirror
we want to forget that people live in terror
we’re their only way out and the time is right now
we gotta grab a hold of this moment

[chorus 2x]

how far do we let it go
before we all take control
we are the hands
we are the feet
so we gotta go
stop waiting for someone else
to take control
(take back the control)
we could be their last hope

[chorus 2x]

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