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letra de 0 to 100 [hd refix] - phili & showtime shaddy



[verse 1]

n-ggas on that hate sh-t
cuz i bin the man since k swiss
wanna see me fall
never make it
that why i be on my mime
do it never say sh-t
oh lord
i be on my travis bowe sh-t
somebody better tell em
this some g.o.a.t sh-t
a lot a yal
sound just like my
old sh-t
like oh sh-t
that i wouldn’t even quote sh-t
real bad
that’s real bad
that’s the worst n-gga
and i ain’t mean
jhene aiko n-gga
or what evers her name
cuz i ain’t good with keeping b-tches
even if she say
she love me
believe me
it’s easy
i ain’t tryna find n0body else to be
told me be just like my dad
it’ll never be
cuz that n-gga left me lone
since i was 3
i was hurting
but my moma put that work in
bought anything i wanted
even if i had it perfect
never worthless
have to show her that im worth it
cuz she paid my -ss through school
never had to do it public
i’m in college
just tryna keep my grades right
but all these bad b-tches
keep me late nite
gotta manoever
till this sh-t pays right
s’why we in the studio
til day light
ery night
cuz i gotta get the job done
ain’t a n-gga that could cover for me
from i was 14
i was legendary
an extensive vocab
and a secretary
so even if all fails
i got a secondary
you n-gga ain’t
got an imaginary
so either it’s the pen or the cemetery
my n-ggas strapped up like the military

showtime shaddy

[verse 2]

i go 0 – 100 n-gga real quick
in the bahamas we on that k!ll or be k!lled sh-t
rappers respect the way i f-ckin k!ll sh-t
still spittin aids gonorrhea on some ill sh-t
a n-gga talkin bout us gone need his grill fix
or he gone f-ckin need a will quick
you know me lay low im on some chill sh-t
until a rapper call my name and then i gotta k!ll sh-t
n-ggas talkin bout me like i fall off
ask radio stations who go the most hits off
call radio stations and get ur sh-t off
heard ur new single yeah i had to turn that sh-t off
im p-ssed off
im tryna be rich before i see 90
remember grade six i use to see 90
tell barack obama that he need to free 90
vat commin money slow
see the streets need 90
i’m the best one day they’ll realise it
i don’t smoke but tell em leagalize it
das money flow
muzik keep me on that high sh-t
so my sober rhymes be better than ur high sh-ttt
i gotta call say these n-ggas wanna envy me
cuz im i’m the star of the game like twenty three
you know how haters be
so now i got my 4 g’s on the phone
and i ain’t talkin lte
i said i’m just tryna win n-gga
and go hard when my back agaist the wind n-gga
make sure me and my brothers see a mill n-gga
cuz i’m my brothers keeper like them f-ckin twin n-ggas
if ine happy no one happy i’m the grinch n-gga
you can try n take my spot but i won’t flinch n-gga
i’m the ruler i wouldn’t give you an inch n-gga
develop what i’m tryna say
get the pic n-gga
i set picks n-gga
the same n-ggas said i’m c-cky and hate me
months later try to copy and paste me
ohhh rica how these n-ggas disgrace me
i’m only in the spot where nat placed me
sh-t i’m sure nat would agree
if he had to p-ss the torch then that sh-t would go to me
i said i’m sure nat would agree
if he had to p-ss the torch then that sh-t would go to me
rica i said that sh-t’ll go to me
they know that sh-t’ll go to me
hd rest in peace clarence “nat” williams
october 5th 2010, thanks for everything
i bin doin this sh-t for so long
but these muh f-ckers hate is so strong
some one tell these n-ggas
imma have to get these n-ggas
like trav oh lord
some one better tell these n-ggas
imma have to get these n-ggas
like trav oh lord