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letra de outfool you - phidel


[verse 1: phidel]
i just wanna make you laugh
joking in my circle, but they stop me in my tracks
the thought just puts me in a trance
i gotta meet my purpose, but he won’t give me a chance

[chorus: phidel]
don’t think you’ll block me
i can outfool you, but you just can’t see
do my work for free
i can outfool you, then toss you out to sea

[pre-drop: phidel]
all this inner pain from silence
but i’m pushin’ through it’s bad i know
tryna talk me outta violence
but it’s just too late, evils here to grow

[instrumental drop]

[verse 2: nenorama]
i could always see you on the horizons
but you never stay still you keep movin’

[chorus: nenorama]
you will never outfool me
i’m the one who keeps the peace i hope you know
you will never outfool me
’cause if you do, we’re done, evils here to grow

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