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letra de ship lost at sea - phantom planet


arms of the ocean reach out for you
rusty pipes
can’t help calling for you, too
the brine is finer than wine
but be careful not to drink too much
’cause there are remains
on the bottom of that cup

if you fear you’ve had enough
of that salty stuff
i’m on the beach
reading a book
lost in a page
lost for an age
i could be your bonfire
and you could be my ship out at sea

i’m not after your charity
and my dear, i don’t want you pleased with yourself
what is that feeling of pride
when you throw your coin in a beggar’s cap?
selfless acts are quite selfish when you think about ’em like that
but i’ve been thinking of you
and how to improve
’cause i’m in a fix
and your heart is tool
help someone who’s close
could be me, right?
who knows?
you could be my handout
and i’d be your good deed for the day

i want a puzzle i don’t have to beat
a watch i don’t have to wind
i really want to find your missing piece
and make it
mine all mine all mine

so if you’re hopeless and beat
lower than your feet
or up to your neck
or down on your knees
in way too deep
and out of ideas
i can be your brainchild
if you promise to take care of me
i could be your bonfire
and you could be my ship out at sea
one more time!
i can be your boyfriend
and you can pretend not to know me!

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