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letra de don't like me - petey pablo


baby you have no idea of the things going on in my mind

let me tell you a couple things about me
so many things i can still tell you about me
so many motherf-cking n-ggas wanna be just like me
and the same motherf-ckers i don’t like don’t like me

[verse 1]
they got me twisting up my words like i’m sipping on that syrup
my head keeps hurting because i’m constantly worrying about
sh-t that ain’t even worth it ; life’s too short to be worrying about
sh-t you can’t control so give it up to the lord
and i’ve often been to church but i can’t stay out of them clubs
and i can’t get back to the way i was because foes still talking about suge
and i need a little more love from the ones who are supposed to love me
and the ones who are supposed to love me have a f-cked up way of showing it


[verse 2]
sitting on that 5% and low-key and everything i’m in i own it
i roll it and i smoke it ; i might do a little something if i got some
you ain’t heard nothing ; you ain’t want nothing
all the sh-t around here had been stepped on
i’m a raw dog, you are home grown; your sh-t [?] my rear long
get back from me before i break your arm
[?] bacteria and clean your palms
i don’t know ya’ll and i don’t owe ya’ll a motherf-cking thing
n-gga, motherf-ck ya’ll
turn around {?] a pastor on me
yea, hold up bro, do this for me, shock that up, scoop that up
give me seven more tracks and turn up my vocals for me
shut your mouth. hush your lip. wanna be a pimp? [?]
suck a d-ck. l!ck a cl-t. razorblades – cut your wrists
swollen up, chest big, steroids, you know it is
he said what? say it again. she said what? say it again
who you with? you with her? he with you? you with them?
oh well! aw h-ll! fired up! ring the bell!
light a gun, [?] the sh-ll, and my aim at [?]
one shot to the head, motherf-cker, and you know he’s dead