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letra de big zaza smoker anthem - pe$o pete


[tag 1: pe$o pete & [?]]
shi—, shi—, shiny— (-shiny pokémon sparkle-, -shiny pokémon sparkle-, -shiny pokémon sparkle-)

[sample: 田中 真弓]

[verse 1: pe$o pete & amore]
i came up, i lost a lot, my fit, my wrist just [?]
it’s a bl!ck, get cut, he cropped, no [?], upset, first place don’t get applause (amore)
[?] to the face, ain’t smoke no raw, bro’, i’m in the cut like nabbit
[?] grab it, f-ck pistol grip, the stick do magic, [?] higher than [?], you just in a—, nah, b-tch, shut up
you ain’t a factor, pull up wit’ a ski mask, stay on my [?] like controller on dreamcast
too up, he ain’t get money or [?], [?] wit’ a glock and we dash
i hit the shot, now he high, no relapse, i’on live life like that, you seem mad, dang
got [?] on my body, ain’t rockin’ no bape, i said, “look at my right wrist, sh-t great lake”
goin’ saiyan in the booth, young pe$o great ape, what i’m sayin’ is truth, this sh-t hold weight
if i ain’t hit the dot on the spot, no [?], get quiet in the booth, just me and my gang
you ain’t tapped in, gang, yo’ sh-t too tame, you ain’t tapped in, gang, yo’ sh-t too lame
[tag 2: pe$o pete & モンキー・d・ルフィ]
-monkey d. luffy’s conqueror’s haki-

[verse 2: pe$o pete & lunchbox]
haha, [?] breakin’ the frame (yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah)
what you make in a week, boy, we make in a day, haha (okay, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah)
look at what we make in a day, i’m wit’ my boys and we [?] on [?]
the paparazzi gon’ pay me a fee, [?] kamikaze [?]
count up, but we ain’t gon’ play, [?] these shots and now we in the state
i had to cut a b-tch off ’cause she fake, i had to cut her off, she in the way
[?] not rappin’, they don’t understand, wait ’til they hear that new sh-t in the tape
savin’ that [?], cut a b-tch off ’cause she get in the way (ah, ah!)
[?] in the way, [?] in my way (ah, ah, yeah-yeah, ah, ah!)
cut ’em off, they just get in my way, [?] in my way (ah, ah, ah, ah!)
[?] the bank, [?] the same (ah, no! d-mn!)
[?] atlanta, [?] my bands, i’m sayin’

[tag 1: pe$o pete & [?]]
shiny pack! (-shiny pokémon sparkle-)

[verse 3: lunchbox & pe$o pete]
n-ggas been hatin’ on me, i don’t know why n-ggas hatin’ on me
i get that guap, got that paper on me, he gettin’ shot like the lakers on three (bow!)
sendin’ these shots like i’m fadin’ away, bucks in my pocket, got paper on me (brr! yeah!)
tell ’em to stop, i got razor on me, switchin’ the glock, i got danger on me
h-ll yeah, got danger ’round me, got the band ’round me, if you f-ck wit’ me, get “bow!”
just hatin’ on gang ’cause they ain’t got [?], came out that water, you p-ssy, boy, drown
i’m hittin’ my dance like disco, just checked distro, it’s an ungodly amount (ooh, ooh, ooh-ooh)
[?] chopper, hittin’ that limbo, sinkin’ that ship, [?] bring him down (ooh, ooh, ooh-ooh, ooh, ohh, ooh-ohh)
big backwood look like sword on ike, got blue-red pills like [?], okay (ooh, ooh, ooh-ooh)
okay, i’m sendin’ out hits, he get wit’ a clip, big boy lose his life
you cap, li’l [?] like cloud strife, i’m just countin’ that god d-mn cut, no knife
[outro: pe$o pete]
upset, first place don’t get applause