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letra de all or nothing - pennywise


all or nothing

what’s the f-cking problem with this
world today you’ve become what they
wanted and now you’re numb when will
you stand up and say we’re living with
decisions of the feeble minds the
limits are intended and imposed by time
a poison disease called complacency is
taking control of our lives we’ll
never know until we try the times is
now it’s all or nothing we are alive
it’s do or die we must believe it’s all or
nothing now why don’t you take a look
around you the answers lie in your
mind it’s up to each and every one of us
until the day that we die we only need
to motivate and realize alleviate the
censure and you’ll redefine defeat the
disease so you can break free from the
struggles you hold deep inside we will
never know unless we really try you
will never see that there’s so much to
life i have stood confused but now i’m
open eyed we’re never going to slow
down i believe that we can move on
conquer our goals and right what is
wrong i believe that we can stay true
true to ourselves and find something
new find something new