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letra de song & dance - peggy sue


[verse 1]
my absent friend
it’s gone quiet again
thieves making his bed
oh leave him their [bibles?] and books on his chest
for he knows my best
in my absent sex
so until i learn
he will sing to himself softly under his breath

[chorus 1]
sing it loud, oh sing it loud
i’ll be part of your way
i’ll listen through the walls until
you learn to let me stay

[verse 2]
on all-hallow’s eve
we try to believe
there’s somewhere between
the tricks and the treats, there was something to keep
and i was in white
and he was in black
i gave my best fight
but he gave me nothing he did not want back

that way makes my body ache with this familiar dance

[chorus 2]
sing it loud, oh sing it loud
i camped out on your way
if what you want is peace and quiet
you’ve come to the wrong place